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How To Meet Cougars In UK Without Any Obligation?

Many people believe that when you are trying to find a cougar in the UK there is obligation.  Truth in fact is that a cougar dating in the UK is very similar to dating anyone else.  When you start out it is just like a normal relationship.  Older women dating younger men want sex and a connection but they don’t expect it to happen right away, especially because they have had time to learn how the world works.  All you have to do is meet cougars!

There are a variety of different ways out there to meet cougars in the UK.  Here are some of the top ways that you can go about finding older women dating younger men.

Cougar Dating Websites

There are a lot of different websites on the internet where you can find older women dating younger men on the internet.  These websites make finding a cougar extremely easy.  There are no embarrassing moments where you approach a woman and she doesn’t want to date younger men.  Every woman on the website is a cougar looking to date younger men.

You can also use generic dating websites but you have to be aware that this might bring up issues with people who are not looking for cubs (young men).  Don’t let that discourage you no matter your venue for finding a cougar.

Go To A Pub/Bar

Another one of the best ways to meet a cougar, or anyone for that matter, without any obligations is to go to a pub or bar.  These locations are full of other people imbibing in alcohol.  Most people at a pub or a bar are open to meeting other people.  Buy a cougar a drink if she is alone or with friends.  There won’t be any obligation for any party besides saying hi.

Go To A Charity Event

Many rich, older women who are looking to date younger men go to these events.  You get to dress up and drink.  At these events, as long as there is no one speaking, it is expected that you mingle and talk to the others around you.  This is a great way to get to know the potential cougars and get a feel for if they are interested in you.


The last place we will mention is concerts.  To find a cougar at a concert you are going to want to look for music around the early 90’s late 80’s.  Most of the time you will be finding it in the form of cover bands.  This is the era music that most cougars listen to and it is one of the most highly recommended places to meet a cougar with no obligations.

A Few Tips

Be Upfront

Make sure that when you start a relationship with a cougar you are upfront with the fact that you are looking for something with no obligations.  You want to have fun and enjoy your time with each other.  This ensures that both parties are aware beforehand and prevents anyone from feeling hurt should you end things.

Give It Time

If you are looking for a cougar it might not be instantaneous.  Be prepared to go to an event, bar, pub, or other event and take some time to mingle.  Even if a woman is looking for something with no obligations it is very rare that it is going to be the first thing she says.  The more work you put into it the more likely you are to get results.

Don’t Pretend To Be A Bad Boy

Cougars have been through a lot in their life and they are able to tell when you are a bad boy and when you are just pretending.  Pretending won’t work.  Often times cougars aren’t looking for bad boys anyways.  Cougars are looking for someone who is young and full of energy but at the same time will treat them caringly.

It Isn’t All Physical

While it does help to be at least mildly attractive, with a cougar it isn’t all about looks.  Cougars are looking for people who are full of energy and make them feel younger.  They want to regain some of the youth that they no longer have.

The last thing when trying to find a cougar with no obligations is to be yourself and to be confident.  Cougars dislike men who are too shy, childish, or unconfident.  Even if you aren’t confident on the inside portray it on the outside and you will do fine.  Good luck, and may you find good opportunities cougar dating in the UK.