cougarlife review

Cougar Life Review

The new age has given rise to different forms of dating which are unconventional but all the more attractive. The most talked about dating that has gathered a lot of prominence off late is cougar dating. In such a relation an older woman dates a younger man and as far as the classification of names is considered, the woman in the relation is called a cougar while the man in question is called a cub. More and more people are getting involved in this kind of dating as this is something that is not only a little adventurous but also adds an air of sin in it.

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This form of dating is not restricted to face to face meetings as it is hard to find people and here comes the internet. You will find a huge number of cougar dating websites at your disposal where you can simply register yourself and enjoy the beauty of cougar dating. One such cougar dating website is is one website were you will a lot of cougars and cubs and choose from there as per your likes. Let us get to know a little more about to understand what makes it so special.

The all important membership

Like most of the websites around us, this is also a website where you need to register yourself. The procedure of membership is pretty simple. First of all you will be required to share your email address, which will be used for all kinds of correspondence. It is probably the safest way of communication and that is why opted for it. Apart from this id you will also need to provide your birth date, your gender, height, eye and hair colour, ethnicity and your current location. All these information is taken to make sure that you can find the right people for yourself. Moreover you will also get the opportunity to add pictures and more details after you register yourself on the website. The membership is free; so if you are a cougar or a cub you don’t need to pay to join in on the fun. But if you want to access to some special features then you can always opt for the premium profiles which will require a certain fee.

The subscribers

The popularity of any dating websites is judged by the number of websites that are present or registered on the website. If that is the benchmark then it is safe to say that sits on the higher echelons of the cougar dating world. The reason for us to say such a thing is because the number of members registered on the site numbers in millions; to be exact it is around 6 million. Here on the website you will be able to view a huge number of profiles which means you get even more choices to select from. In order to give you the best possible services, shows you the premium profiles before moving onto the free profiles. In effect the site is telling you that if you want to be more visible then you should opt for the premium package.

The attractive find date tonight feature

This probably is the most important feature of the site and arguably one feature that any dating site should have. The concept of the feature is that you if you are a cougar or a cub and are lonely and are looking for company then look no further. All you need to here is get on the site and look for the potential members on the site who are also looking for company. Just think that you are sitting on that couch of yours spending a beautiful Saturday night doing nothing, so this website is giving you an opportunity to go out and have a blast with a likeminded person  from the opposite sex. You never know whether a chance meeting can turn into something a little more than just a meeting.

Core members

As you know that this is a cougar dating website, therefore it is imperative that most members on the site are relatively older women. But as observed, doesn’t make any particular point as to who can be a member, which is the reason you will also find some of the best young cubs on the website waiting for the seductive cougar.

The privacy peril

The only negative that we found on the website is the privacy policy of the site. According to the privacy policy, your valuable information may be sold or shared to third parties for better service. Thankfully you can stop that from happening by going on the profile settings and blocking it.

Final word

At the end of our review we don’t have any qualms about declaring that is a cougar dating site worth checking out. Whether you are a cougar or a cub, you will have something or the other for you on the site.

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