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Cougar Passions Review

Cougar dating has got a whole new identity in today’s world. With so many online dating portals coming up, finding your perfect partner is that much easier! Here, we are going to bring you one such exciting book that will indeed cater to your needs and work towards giving you the perfect relationship. This goes by the name of This is a very user friendly website that brings to you the best of the opposite sex. For cougars, this is the ideal world. Let us take you through some of the features of this useful website.

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Easy joining!

On CougarPassions you get access to a number of young men or cubs if you are a cougar and who knows you might find your Mr. Perfect here?! To have all that, you have to join this site. This is a really easy process and the best part is that joining is free! Yes, you do not have to spend a dime to join the community. This increases the range of people who are taking part here. That, in turn, heightens your chances of meeting the perfect partner here.

Joining information

You need to give in some information in order to join one of the best cougar dating websites. If you are joining here through your email id, you need to put in your username, password and email to identify yourself in the community. You also have the opportunity to join via your Facebook account. This means you can link your Facebook profile to CougarPassions and join in without hassles, without having to give any new information. But if you are scared about privacy in the latter option, you do not have to worry since the site will not publish anything on Facebook on your behalf.


The community that provides to its users is what sets this dating website apart. Here you have the opportunity to interact with thousands of people who are members of this website. You can interact with everybody and then make an informed decision on who you want to be dating. There are specific forums where people discuss their issues, grievances and thoughts on topics which you might find interesting. The several blogs also keep you informed on all the topics trending on this cougar website. Apart from this, you have access to the list of all the people who are online at a given point of time. This allows you to decide who you want to talk with. You can also get to know who are the most popular and trending people on the website. There are also personal chat options for you to use. This community of social network is indeed a great help in finding prospective partners.


To make the website a little more interesting, this section of Videos and other fun stuff has been included in it. This gives you access to all the videos that are put up by the users and members of this dating portal. All of these are related to and discuss the different aspects of cougar dating and dating in general. There are several comic takes on this topic. Documentaries and educational videos will also please you in this part of the website. You get all the news and information related to cougar relationships in this segment. There are also video games to keep you glued to this online dating portal. You are also free to put in files of your own if you have anything that is worth sharing with the rest of the cougar community.


The segment about cougar books is another attraction in this dating community. There is an entire e library on the different books on cougar relationship. If you are into books and like to read, this segment is really going to please you. There is also a list of websites which are best suited for cougars like you.

Cougar affiliate program

This is the most exciting and useful part of the dating website. This is a program that can help you earn some revenue if you are already into cougar dating and maintain a forum or blog of it on the internet. All you need to do is promote this website on your own blog or forum. In this way, all the people visiting your blog will automatically be led to This is one way in which you can make some money. In this regard, you could also check out the Passions Network Affiliate Program Information. This gives you access to all sites in the Passions Network.

Overall, CougarPassions is a very useful website for bringing cougars close to their partners. Having one of the best members base, this is ideal for everyone looking for a partner. There are videos, books and other programs that can enhance your dating profile.

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