Older Women Dating Review


How often do we come across cougars that are looking for the right match? Well, here is a solution to that quest. OlderWomenDating is here to answer all your questions and lead you to the most suitable match for you. This site is best equipped to fulfil your needs. It brings close all the cougars with their perspective partners. Whether you are looking for a friendship, or relationship or even marriage, this website will cater to your requirements perfectly.

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Who can use this website?

Cougars looking for younger men: Sometimes it happens that women want to date someone younger. Cougar relationships have a certain charm to the whole concept. This is a relationship of fun where both the partners are on the same page. Sometimes it also happens that these cougar relationships mature into something serious and you might end up together with your partner. That is the ideal situation. This site assures you nothing but the best in terms of friendship, relationship or marriage. So, this is the place to find your partner and engage into the most enriching relationship.

Young men looking to date older women: This is also one of the best cougar dating sites for men looking for older women. A lot of men are looking for these kinds of mature relationships. If your days of fun and frolic are over and you will want to settle down with someone mature, then this is the ideal place for you. You can meet new people, interact with them and end up wanting to be with them. This is why a dating site is of such importance.

Mature dating

This is another aspect of dating that is well covered by this website. If you want to indulge into a relationship where you want to date someone your age or even someone slightly older, you have come to the right place. You can choose your partner with comfort and time. You can interact with a lot of people on this portal, get to know each of them and then get accustomed with them. Thereafter you can make a choice on who is the most appropriate partner for you.

No matter what your requirements are, we assure you that you will get all your questions answered here. With a wide range of choices to select from, you will definitely get the partner you are in need of. There lies the beauty of the cougar dating site.

The rich history of the site

When it comes with online cougar dating, www.olderwomendating.com has mastered the art of bringing people together in the quest for love or just a simple relationship. It has the record of bringing close together many people through this online portal who would have otherwise never met in real life. This site is just not a recent development. This has been working for years now to bring out the best in the relationships of the people. That is why more and more people are choosing this particular site for enhancing their dating lives.

Required information

When you sign up for this dating website, you need to give in some information in order to be able to meet new people and make new relationships. Yes it is true that you need to be 18 years or above in order to use this portal. You will be required to give in some information along the lines of your country, state, age and the likes. You can put in the category of people you are looking to date. Whether you want a cougar or you want a cub or a man. Also, you can specify the age group most suitable for you. You also have to identify yourself as a cougar if you are an older woman wanting to date younger men or a man/cub if you are looking to date older women and seek a mature relationship. As soon as you hit the ‘Find My Match’ icon, you will be taken to a world of people who are best suited to your needs according to location, age and the gender.

The website brought closer to you

In today’s world of advanced technology, you can have access to the website in a closer way. You can install the application on your iPhone or Android and be in constant touch with the site and the people on the go. Your mobile will keep you updated at all times. You can also follow the cougar dating site on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Success stories

The numerous success stories will assure you of the credibility and the genuine nature of this dating site. You can go through these to know what you are going into.

If you are still single, you have somebody waiting for you and high chances you might meet him or her here!

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Cougar Life Review


The new age has given rise to different forms of dating which is unconventional but all the more attractive. The most talked about dating that has gathered a lot of prominence off late is cougar dating. In such a relation an older woman dates a younger man and as far as the classification of names is considered, the woman in the relation is called a cougar while the man in question is called a cub. More and more people are getting involved in this kind of dating as this is something that is not only a little adventurous but also adds an air of sin in it.

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This form of dating is not restricted to face to face meetings as it is hard to find people and here comes the internet. You will find a huge number of cougar dating websites at your disposal where you can simply register yourself and enjoy the beauty of cougar dating. One such cougar dating website is www.cougarlife.com.This is one website where you will find a lot of cougars and cubs and choose from there as per your likes. Let us get to know a little more about cougarlife.com to understand what makes it so special.

The all important membership

Like most of the websites around us, this is also a website where you need to register yourself. The procedure of membership is pretty simple. First of all, you will be required to share your email address, which will be used for all kinds of correspondence. It is probably the safest way of communication and that is why cougarilfe.com opted for it. Apart from this id, you will also need to provide your birth date, your gender, height, eye and hair colour, ethnicity and your current location. All these information is taken to make sure that you can find the right people for yourself. Moreover, you will also get the opportunity to add pictures and more details after you register yourself on the website. The membership is free, so if you are a cougar or a cub you don’t need to pay to join in on the fun. But if you want to access to some special features then you can always opt for the premium profiles which will require a certain fee.

The subscribers

The popularity of any dating websites is judged by the number of websites that are present or registered on the website. If that is the benchmark then it is safe to say that cougarlife.com sits on the higher echelons of the cougar dating world. The reason for us to say such a thing is because the number of members registered on the site numbers in millions; to be exact it is around 6 million. Here on the website, you will be able to view a huge number of profiles which means you get even more choices to select from. In order to give you the best possible services, cougarlife.com shows you the premium profiles before moving onto the free profiles. In effect, the site is telling you that if you want to be more visible then you should opt for the premium package.

The attractive find date tonight feature

This probably is the most important feature of the site and arguably one feature that any dating site should have. The concept of the feature is that you if you are a cougar or a cub and are lonely and are looking for company then look no further. All you need to here is get on the site and look for the potential members on the site who are also looking for company. Just think that you are sitting on that couch of yours spending a beautiful Saturday night doing nothing, so this website is giving you an opportunity to go out and have a blast with a like-minded person from the opposite sex. You never know whether a chance meeting can turn into something a little more than just a meeting.

Core members

As you know that this is a cougar dating website, therefore it is imperative that most members on the site are relatively older women. But as observed, cougarlife.com doesn’t make any particular point as to who can be a member, which is the reason you will also find some of the best young cubs on the website waiting for the seductive cougar.

The privacy peril

The only negative that we found on the website is the privacy policy of the site. According to the privacy policy, your valuable information may be sold or shared with third parties for better service. Thankfully you can stop that from happening by going on the profile settings and blocking it.

Final word

At the end of our review, we don’t have any qualms about declaring that cougarlife.com is a cougar dating site worth checking out. Whether you are a cougar or a cub, you will have something or the other for you on the site.

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Cougared Review


Cougar dating gets a whole new perspective by means of the one of the best cougar dating online sites. This is the world of www.cougared.com where you get the chance to meet the ideal partner and have a fruitful relationship. The combination of older women and younger men is best depicted on this site.

Unlike other websites, www.cougared.com is not only about cougar dating. You get much more on this site with a social network and a community to interact with a lot of like-minded people. Let us go through some of the features of this website that make this an interesting portal.

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Yes, this website is completely free. There are no hidden costs. The terms are simple. You need to be eligible to be a part of this online dating portal and meet the ideal partner and you get all of this at just no cost! You get to see pictures of people who you might like and later get involved with, you get to talk to them and then make a choice. The fact that it is completely free is what makes this attractive!

Specific to cougar dating

Cougared specializes only in cougar dating. This means you will get nothing but just real and unadulterated cougar fun here. This is specific in terms of the fact that the website entertains only older women and younger men relationships. So when you come here, you don’t have to filter your needs. If you are a cougar, you will get exactly what you require. This is effective in reducing a lot of hassles.

Easy joining

You will find it difficult to believe but finding your perfect partner in today’s world takes only 30 seconds! Yes, that’s right! Yes, signing up on this site is only a 30 seconds task. That is how easy this site has made dating into. As we have discussed, there is no joining or accessory fees. You need to put in some details about yourself. A good username is a must in order to get the attention of the members. Your email id and your password will be the only contact details required. Apart from that, you have to give details about your gender, age, country and state. The section for ‘looking for’ includes the following four options:          Wild Times, A Bit of Fun, My Soulmate and Something Else. This clearly describes what you want from this site. To add to the list, there is a space for you to include your description and your expectations from www.cougared.com. Lastly, one of the most important aspects here is your picture. The picture can make or break your profile because this attracts the eyes of your prospective partner. Once you are done filling up these details, you are set.

Member’s gallery

This is one of the most exciting parts of this website. This gives you a clear idea of what you would be finding here. There are thousands of members from around the globe, each of whom wants nothing but a good relationship from this online dating portal. There are specific galleries for pictures, separately for men and for women. You can go through the huge range of pictures and make a choice on the perfect partner for yourself. This gives you the freedom to choose and that is indeed a great idea.


The community that this website provides you with this is what sets it apart. There is a certain personal touch to the whole aspect. The website allows you to interact with so many people around the world. Interaction brings people closer and that is what www.cougared.com focuses on. There are numerous forums where you can get to know one another. Pictures of eligible partners and their details are available on this forum. Add to that the personal blogs and the website becomes the perfect portal. These blogs are great measures of the people around you. This creates a social network profile that is absolutely invaluable if you are looking for cougar relationships. Here you are not only talking to one person in particular, but are having exposure to all the people you might like. This community has been effective in bringing a lot of people close together.


This website features something called the ‘Tour’. This is a very exciting aspect of this portal. You can use it before you sign up for the website or you can also use this just after signing up in order to get the general information on how to get started here or how to go about the process of finding your perfect match.


This is a special feature on this website. If you are a little uneasy to express your feelings to someone, you can use the wink function in order to make someone understand your interest in him or her. This is amazing!

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Cougar Passions Review


Cougar dating has got a whole new identity in today’s world. With so many online dating portals coming up, finding your perfect partner is that much easier! Here, we are going to bring you one such exciting book that will indeed cater to your needs and work towards giving you the perfect relationship. This goes by the name of www.cougarpassions.com. This is a very user-friendly website that brings to you the best of the opposite sex. For cougars, this is the ideal world. Let us take you through some of the features of this useful website.

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Easy joining!

On CougarPassions you get access to a number of young men or cubs if you are a cougar and who knows you might find your Mr. Perfect here?! To have all that, you have to join this site. This is a really easy process and the best part is that joining is free! Yes, you do not have to spend a dime to join the community. This increases the range of people who are taking part here. That, in turn, heightens your chances of meeting the perfect partner here.

Joining information

You need to give in some information in order to join one of the best cougar dating websites. If you are joining here through your email id, you need to put in your username, password and email to identify yourself in the community. You also have the opportunity to join via your Facebook account. This means you can link your Facebook profile to CougarPassions and join in without hassles, without having to give any new information. But if you are scared about privacy in the latter option, you do not have to worry since the site will not publish anything on Facebook on your behalf.


The community that www.cougarpassions.com provides to its users is what sets this dating website apart. Here you have the opportunity to interact with thousands of people who are members of this website. You can interact with everybody and then make an informed decision on who you want to be dating. There are specific forums where people discuss their issues, grievances and thoughts on topics which you might find interesting. The several blogs also keep you informed on all the topics trending on this cougar website. Apart from this, you have access to the list of all the people who are online at a given point of time. This allows you to decide who you want to talk with. You can also get to know who are the most popular and trending people on the website. There are also personal chat options for you to use. This community of social network is indeed a great help in finding prospective partners.


To make the website a little more interesting, this section of Videos and other fun stuff has been included in it. This gives you access to all the videos that are put up by the users and members of this dating portal. All of these are related to and discuss the different aspects of cougar dating and dating in general. There are several comic takes on this topic. Documentaries and educational videos will also please you in this part of the website. You get all the news and information related to cougar relationships in this segment. There are also video games to keep you glued to this online dating portal. You are also free to put in files of your own if you have anything that is worth sharing with the rest of the cougar community.


The segment about cougar books is another attraction in this dating community. There is an entire e library on the different books on cougar relationship. If you are into books and like to read, this segment is really going to please you. There is also a list of websites which are best suited for cougars like you.

Cougar affiliate program

This is the most exciting and useful part of the dating website. This is a program that can help you earn some revenue if you are already into cougar dating and maintain a forum or blog of it on the internet. All you need to do is promote this website on your own blog or forum. In this way, all the people visiting your blog will automatically be led to www.cougarpassions.com. This is one way in which you can make some money. In this regard, you could also check out the Passions Network Affiliate Program Information. This gives you access to all sites in the Passions Network.

Overall, CougarPassions is a very useful website for bringing Cougars close to their partners. Having one of the best members base, this is ideal for everyone looking for a partner. There are videos, books and other programs that can enhance your dating profile.

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Seeking Cougar


The relation between a man and woman has always been extremely fascinating and that is the reason why we give so much preference and time to dating. But it must be said that the modern way of life has made our lives all so busy that we hardly get time for ourselves. This is the reason we are constantly looking for newer ways to date people. The beauty of the 21st century is the fact that it has made women more empowered and they are no longer sceptical about dating men who are younger than them. This form of dating is more commonly known as cougar dating.

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In this type of dating the participants are always an older woman and a younger man. Funnily enough they also have specific names assigned to them. For the women in this relationship, they are fondly called the cougar while the men in question are called the cubs. This type of dating has come to the forefront even after celebrities like Madonna and Britney Spears joined the cougar dating bandwagon. One of the most popular cougar dating websites is seekingcougar.com and we will find out the reason behind its success. Let us see if it holds up to its tag of being one of the best cougar dating websites or not.

The membership

One of the most common things that any prospective dater will look for in the dating website is the ease of becoming a member on such sites. We have also checked out the same for this particular website and found out that it is relatively easier than most websites. All that you need to do here to get registered to this website is simply filling out the registration form on the website and you are all set to use the website. Like most of the dating websites available out there, this cougar dating site also has different types of members. The most common membership you can apply for here is the free membership. As the name suggests, there is no payment involved here and you can also use the free features that are at your disposal at all time. Moreover you will also get some paid membership plans which will come with goodies. You will be able to access features that cannot be accessed if you have free membership

The headcount

When you want to know which cougar dating site you want to go then one of the features or statistics that you look for is the number of memberships that are there on the website. As far as this particular point is concerned, seekingcougar.com also scores high. An overall member count of 5 million is no mean feat. Having this huge number of members gives the site ample popularity and has made the site more acceptable. Thanks to so many members you will always be able to find like-minded people on the site which also means that you are never going to run out of options. What is more interesting is the fact, that at any given point of time you will find that at least 10000+ members online.

The compatibility

It is always a little difficult to get that one person with whom you can be compatible and very are happy to tell you all that you do not need to worry about it at all. The first thing is that you will understand how to date a rich cougar on this website. It is not easy to date rich women especially if she is richer than you and have the freedom to pick and choose. It simply means that you need to be on your toes at all times and know how to impress your lady. With so many men and women on the websites it is seen that the site is taking initiatives to filter the search as accurately as possible. It increases the chances of meeting the most compatible person for you.

The experiences

One good feature of the site is the fact that you can share your life experiences with others. This helps the other people to know you better and also in a way helps like-minded people to meet and come close. Hence they take care of the whole match making part of dating.

The privacy

The only little glitch on the website is the privacy. You will find that according to their privacy policy they might share your information with third party service providers. This can be stopped by blocking such sites from the settings but we would like to see a stronger privacy policy in respect to private information.


After looking all the important features of the site we can safely say that when it comes to cougar dating sites, seeekingcougar.com is a good site. If you are an older woman in need of younger men or a younger man in search of hot sugar mamas then you can surely check out this website.

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